Do I Have A Case?

Everyday I receive calls from accident victims asking if they have a case. In simple terms, you have a case if it can be proven that someone’s negligence caused you to be hurt.

You may have been told you don’t have a case by another attorney. Don’t let let that discourage you, like in Gina’s situation, I saw that she indeed had a case and in fact we won 2 different settlements! Sometimes larger firms will not represent a client because they feel the case may be too small for them. I believe everyone has a right to be represented. If you have been injured and it can be proven that it was due to negligence, you do have a case. Call me anytime at 321-723-1997 to discuss your case, and do not speak with an insurance company until you are represented.

Have Scott Evaluate My Case

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I was told I had no case… but Scott was able to help!

“My name Gina, about three years ago I was had an accident. I met Scott Wright while he was representing my parents in a different matter. I decided to call Scott Wright to see if could help me out because I was told by a previous attorney that I couldn’t pursue my case anymore.

Scott met with me personally. He went through all the details of my case and he decided that we probably could pursue my case. I decided after speaking to Scott that I did want to pursue my case. After of four months of Scott being on the case, he was able to get me a settlement. Then he decided that we need to go for PIP benefits because my insurance didn’t want to pay my PIP benefits. Scott was able to settle my PIP benefits as well. It got to the point where we had good depositions and everything, but if we had to go to court, he was ready to go to court as well. But we settled outside of court.

I would definitely recommend Scott Wright to my family and friends. Actually I was at a store the other day and the clerk was talking about an accident that he was in and wanted an attorney to help him. I told him my scenario where I thought I didn’t have a case and I was actually told by another attorney that I didn’t have a case. And Scott was able to help me. So I ran out to my car and got him a business card for Scott Wright and told him definitely give him a call.

Thanks Scott!”