Do I have to pay up front to hire the Wright Law Group?

The Wright Law Group handles all of it’s liability cases on a percentage/contingency basis. No fees or costs are ever charged up front. Even your initial consultation.

This means that you pay nothing out of your pocket when you hire Scott and the Wright Law Group. And many times Scott can make arrangements so you don’t even pay any medical expenses until your case is settled.

Unfortunately many people believe that it is expensive to hire an attorney, as some are, and would rather accept a small insurance settlement instead of hiring an attorney and fighting for what they deserve.

Be assured that for large or small cases, the Wright Law Group is only paid an attorney’s fee upon the successful completion of your case. That’s how confident we are in our ability to win cases!

Have Scott Evaluate My Case

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Once Scott took over I didn’t have to deal with the insurance companies… He took care of everything!

“My name is Daryl. About three years ago I was in a car accident. Immediately after my accident I knew I had pain and I knew I needed to get some help. I reached out to Scott Wright. Okay, at first I was terrified to speak to a lawyer because I heard a lot of crazy stories about how difficult it can be to talk to a lawyer. When I came into the office, everyone was nice. When I met Scott, he immediately reached out to me, shook my hand and when he shook my hand I felt like I could trust. Every time I saw him he was in jeans and a jacket, so that made me feel like he was an everyday kind of guy.

Scott was a very big help. Once he took over the case I didn’t have to worry about anything. I didn’t have to deal with insurance companies. I didn’t have to deal with a doctor. He pretty much took care of everything.He prepped for my deposition. He was there with me at the deposition. I didn’t have to worry about anything once he took over.

I could always reach out to Scott. If I ever needed anything I could give him call and he if he didn’t answer he would always call me back. I even had his cell phone number. Oh the staff is great. I love Susan. I love Susan. Whenever I call, I ask for Susan. The staff is great.

Without Scott this case would have been very difficult. Scott Wright was able to get me a nice settlement without the bother of having to go to court.”