Why Hire The Wright Law Group?

Scott is a graduate of the University of Florida College of Law, the premier law school in the state of Florida. He has been a resident of Brevard County since 1979. Scott has deep roots in the local legal community and has tried hundreds of cases during his career. He has successfully resolved many more injury cases without the stress and uncertainty of a trial. Scott’s philosophy in helping clients is to resolve their case as quickly as possible and for top dollar. The client is our first and only concern.

Just as attention to detail is the key to success in Ken’s work, it is essential also to the successful handling of your case.  Open and free flowing lines of communication between my clients and I are just as essential to the successful handling of your injury claim. Only by such communication can we be sure all the necessary details are gathered. To achieve that, all my clients have my personal cell number throughout the handling of their case. In fact here is my cell number for you now; 321-431-1069, if I’m unable to pick up please leave a message, I WILL call you back personally. I look forward to speaking with you.

Have Scott Evaluate My Case

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I just don’t think that there’s anybody out there that’s going to work as hard for you as Scott does.

“My name is Ken Caskey. I own Kidd Darin restoration custom-built cars. We have been in business now actually next month it will be 24 years. We do mostly custom cars. We’re well known for the fabrication part, sheet metal fabrication and basically small intricate parts. Hand built one off kind of things.

In my business, detail is are very important. That’s basically the last 20% of every job, but it’s usually the most important 20% because in my line of work doing the big things are easy, doing the little details that take tedious time to do them right. It’s very important to a lot of my customers. They understand that. That’s what has kind of made us who we are. Understanding that we don’t overlook and we always look at the big picture, but we don’t lose track of all the little things that need to be done too. I think that’s what kind of attracted me to Scott when I met him that he was very much the same. He was very detailed oriented. He’s about looking at every angle and make sure that everything is covered. He doesn’t miss anything. That’s real important to me. As important as it is in my business, I look for that in people I deal with. Which is one of the reasons we do pretty much everything in house now because I couldn’t find a lot of my suppliers. We do our own upholstery. We do our own sand blasting and striping of the vehicles because the detail, striping the car is easy, but the detail of doing it correctly and getting all of the little areas. That’s just as important as the big areas. I think with Scott I kind of saw that. He doesn’t miss any of those details either. That’s a big plus to me because that’s the kind of guy I am and I look for that in the people I deal with.

He’s someone that you can approach without feeling like you know they’ve got that I’m better than you attitude because I’m an attorney. Scott is more like your average guy kind of attorney. He’s the kind of guy that you go talk to. He’s dressed like you are. He talks like you do. He converses with you like would expect to talk to a family member about a situation. But the beauty of it is, he’s your attorney and he’s got the knowledge and he’s smart enough to know exactly where we need to go to bring home results. That’s like a perfect storm. It’s a perfect combination in my mind.”