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We have been representing Brevard County families for more than 25 years. We have successfully completed 1,000’s of cases in that time. Former clients are our main source of new business. We typically hear that past clients appreciated the one to one interaction they had with us,  our attention to detail and our determination to fight for the recovery of all damages to which our injured clients are entitled. This holds true regardless of whether a case involves minor or severe injuries. At the Wright Law Group our focus is always on maximizing our client’s compensation at the earliest possible time.

Successful Cases

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A different attorney said I’ll never get a dime. Scott got us $85,000!

“I was referred to Scott Wright by a friend of mine. I had a case going on in Key West and the attorney I had there said there was nothing he could do. So I set up a meeting to meet Scott Wright and I went and met him and told him what happened and everything. The next day he called me and we went had a meeting and he said yes he would take the case. We sat and we talked. I mean he’s not a regular attorney like people see you know in a suit and tie and things. He makes you feel at home you know. But he really took care of me. He won the case and got me a nice sum of money. He was very good and could never ask for a better attorney. Every question I ever had it was answered by him. Not only do I have his office number, I have his cell number, I have his house number, so for me to get a hold of Scott I don’t have to call the office. You can get a hold of him. He does not hold back. “Oh listen here’s my cell phone number, call me if you need me.” I was really shocked. You don’t find attorneys like that very often. I’ve had other ones and I would never change. I really enjoy being around the guy. He makes you feel comfortable when he talks to you. He don’t talk down to you like a lot of attorneys do you know what I’m saying. He talks with you. He lets you know what’s going to happen, what you got to do.”